Baptism (christening) of your child

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child

Seeing a child being born and coming into this world brings to many people the sense of the miracle and gift of life and they would like to give thanks to God for such a wonderful addition to their family.

At St David’s we can help you mark such an occasion with a special service of thanksgiving for the gift of your child which would take place in one of our All Age services at the beginning of each month.

In this service your child would be named and blessed and you would be able to give thanks to God for the birth of your child supported by the Church community and your family and friends


A baby or child is a precious gift from God and many parents will want to mark this occasion by giving thanks to God.

Baptism or Christening of a child is a promise made by parents and godparents that they and their child will join St David’s as part of the Anglican Church and raise their child to know God’s love for them and to follow Jesus Christ as a member of the Church. Parents and Godparents are asked to make promises to follow Christ in their lives, to turn away from sin and to renounce evil.

At St David’s we take seriously this commitment and we will support parents to raise their children in the Christian faith until their child can make the decision for themselves at confirmation.

The Baptism service is one of joy and of holiness in God’s presence and takes place on the first Sunday of each month at 10:00am and we will meet with parents twice before the service to help them prepare for the occasion.

Godparents will encourage the child in their Christian faith and should therefore be baptised and confirmed although we will accept in some circumstances Godparents who have only been baptised.

Please contact the churchwardens to discuss the baptism or christening of your child.

Adult Baptism

We baptise adults who have decided to follow Jesus having not been baptised as infants. Baptism is an outward sign and public declaration of an inner transformation and personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We also help people reaffirm baptism vows that were made for them as a child as part of our adult baptism services. Many of those who were baptised as infants also get confirmed.