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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

VICAR: Rev’d. Brett Murphy

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Messages from the Minister



SEPTEMBER 12th 2021

Dear Church Family,

A few years ago, during my curacy I went through a fairly lengthy season of being

very busy. Busier perhaps than I ever have been before or since. Our Vicar,

associate priest and even two out of three retired clergy in our church all went

on holiday at once! Six months into my first post in ordained ministry and I

suddenly felt as though I was juggling 100 plates at once. After that time passed,

and my duties returned to a normal pace, I kept on feeling an internal push to

take on more and more, and I fell into the trap of describing myself to others as

being ‘busy’ a lot of the time. During a visit with a dear friend who happened to

be a retired priest, he challenged me about being in a constant state of

‘busyness’. He asked me a series of questions ‘how is your prayer life? Are you

still reading the Bible every day? Do you have quality family time? Have you

called your Mum?’ and so on. To all of which I replied “Father Phil, I’m just too

busy!!” Boldly he called me out on my foolishness and said “you’ve made being

busy an idol”.

Coming from a man who in his prime, ran eight country parishes spread over 80

miles of Aussie bush - that was quite a statement! There’s a huge difference

between having a lot to do and idolizing busyness. In a weird sort of way, we can

come to think of being busy as a virtue and let go of all sorts of things that give

uslife. Following that challenge, I had to re-learn how to prioritize what sustains

me most in my ministry, time with God and family time. This past week and a

half has felt nearly as ‘busy’ as those days from years ago – but the difference is

I’ve done my best not to fall into the trap of idolizing being busy. It’s incredible

how many calls, texts, emails and meetings I’ve crammed into my days – if you

get in touch and I’m a bit slow to reply I do apologize.

It’s totally understandable that after a long interregnum loads of people want

catch up, or ask me questions particularly about re-launching activities as we

emerge from Covid-19 restrictions. Rightly, many folks are curious about what

shape their particular ministry/activity will take in the future and what role I will

play in it. My primary role as a Vicar is to equip and empower the church family

to serve, rather than taking over and running everything myself. As the weeks

and months progress, I intend to visit with as many people as possible, and to

gather with groups who are responsible for certain ministries or outreaches, but

I can only chip away at it, a bit at a time as the weeks and months progress. As

St. Paul says in Hebrews 12:1-2 “let us run with perseverance the race marked

out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” Christian

faith, especially Christian leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.

Together, we’re going to press forward following Christ’s lead into the future. A

season of change like this is overflowing with opportunities, but there is also

some grief as we let go of certain things from the past. So as church life beings

to gain more momentum again, we must be careful to prioritize connection to

God and be sustainable in using our time, gifts and talents for His glory – we’re

no good to anyone exhausted and worn out.

God bless,