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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

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After School Church @ St. David’s - for primary school children and their carers - meets Wednesdays at 3.30pm - 4.30pm.  
As well as looking at various stories from the bible there will be refreshments, crafts, games and a short service.



A couple of photos of the wonderful Confirmation Service on May 7th 2018 with Bishop Martyn.

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Sunday 29 July 2018 All-age Service of Celebration - some pictures (click to enlarge)

The Colsterworth Group of Churches

As you all know I have been appointed as the Rector Designate of the Colsterworth Group of churches in the Diocese of Lincoln. Many of you will, I am sure, know almost nothing about these churches and parishes, so to help you and maybe to inform any prayers for me I thought I would write a little about them for you.

The Colsterworth Group consists of the parishes of Colsterworth, Skillington, Stoke Rochford, Great Ponton, Little Ponton, Stainby and Gunby. The final two in that list are new to the group, which is why the role title I have been given is Rector Designate. Once this change has been finalised I expect the role title to change to Rector.

All the villages are between Grantham and Stamford in southwest Lincolnshire and are all close to the A1, Great North Road.

All the churches are quite old:

None of the churches is very big, but I expect Stoke Rochford is probably the biggest and seats about 200 people. The big house was used during World War II as a base for paratroopers, which is still remembered today with an annual service to remember those who “dropped” into Arnhem.

Two villages (Colsterworth and Great Ponton) have church primary schools, which I pray will offer wonderful opportunities for mission.

Colsterworth is the village where Sir Isaac Newton was born and baptised in the church. It was to here that he returned from Cambridge University to continue his studies and it is possible that his experience with the apple happened here. His parents are buried in the church and there is what is thought to be a sundial carved by him. I join as a big project is being planned to grow knowledge and understanding of these elements of Newton’s life and his connections to the church and share this with the local community. I hope that this too will offer opportunities for mission and an opening for conversations about faith and life. The project will also include an extension to house toilets and some changes to the inside of the church, such as swapping the pews for moveable chairs. It is hoped that this project will be supported with National Lottery funding.

All seven churches are represented on a group council that co-ordinates work and discusses issues of interest to all the churches and meets about four times per year. The group also employs an administrator to support the work of all the churches.

Stoke Rochford is an estate village and, although the big house is now a hotel, much of the land is stilled owned by the McCorquodale family. The current head of the family, Neil McCorquodale, chairs the group council and is also an uncle by marriage to Princes William and Harry. I am sure that I will soon be learning how to hold a knife properly and must also learn to mind my P’s and Q’s.

The biggest village is Colsterworth with a population of about 1200. The smallest is a hamlet of 21 houses and has no shops. It has been suggested that Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy lives in one of the villages; when he begins coming to church I will be sure to let you know.

 All of the villages have been largely farming communities in the past and this is still the basis for what goes on. However, the excellent communications by road and rail means that they are also becoming places for commuting, with London 70 minutes by train from Grantham.

 The distance between the furthest south (Gunby) and the furthest north (Little Ponton) is about eight miles.

 Only Colsterworth church has a service every week, others have services once a fortnight or once a month. Stainby and Gunby are “festival churches” and have services at Christmas, Easter and Harvest etc.

 I will be supported in the ministry work by two retired priests (Jill and  Tom) and a retired Lay Reader, although these three people have been working very hard through the 20 months of the vacancy so are probably looking forward to my taking on some of the load.

I hope that this gives you a short pen-picture of my new context, helps you to understand it better and helps you to pray for me as I journey with God.

With my love, thanks and prayers for all you have done over the last four years.

Revd. Neil Griffiths


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