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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

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Message for May 2019


The resurrection and ascension of Jesus bring an outstanding truth to our World. God wants to know us and he wants us to know him and he wants us to know his love for us. It is through this reality that we can have a conversation with God our Father, as friends would have a conversation, because knowing Jesus Christ, God’s son, makes this possible. This is called prayer.

You will have noticed banners outside many Churches in our area that appeared on Easter Day, with the words ‘trypraying’. If you live in St David’s parish, you will have received, a leaflet with your Easter card, from the Churches in our area, with the words ‘trypraying’ and a prayer to say.  Every member of our Church has received a booklet on Easter Day, with seven days of prayer, for them to hand out to a loved friend or family member. Our school children and young people will also be invited to take a free ‘trypraying’ guide.

Our Church will be open every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2:30pm to 6:30pm for drop in prayer until the 30th May and then from 9am to 9pm until the 9th June. Guides will be available.

Conversations with God, our Father are always good. How is yours going?

The early Church prayed in earnest after Jesus ascended into heaven to be back with his Father, which we celebrate on 30th May, and God sent his Holy Spirit upon us, which we remember on 9th June. We too will be praying in earnest for our community and our friends and family as we realise that prayer deepens our relationship with Jesus Christ, brings God’s Holy Spirit to work amongst us and that all aspects of our life are a matter of prayer. Our Church will be joining in a global wave of prayer, encouraged by the Archbishop of Canterbury, from 30th May to the 9th June called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to use the many resources we will make available for prayer during this time in Church.

Conversations with God change lives and changed lives changes the world. Are you taking part?

God likes these conversations and he wants us to partner with him in bringing about his kingdom here. Action invariably follows prayer. We intend to hold a series of special services and events starting from the end of June, that you can feel pleased to invite the person you gave a ‘trypraying’ booklet to, or you have been praying for in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, because God will answer these prayers and hearts will be prepared, and want to accept the loving invitation of a friend to come to Church and to know our living God revealed to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Conversations with God bring his Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives. Can we support one another in our journey of faith?

Reverend Andrew Rhoades, April 2019.