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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

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Message for May 2017

I wonder how this Easter has impacted you? Has it been a time for a well-earned rest and break? Has it been a time of new life as spring dawns upon us and we emerge from Lent? On your Easter journey have you managed to engage with the many activities at St David’s, taking us from the jubilation of Palm Sunday to the horror of the cross on Good Friday and the joy of resurrection on Easter Sunday?

If you have, I wonder how this Easter journey has impacted you. Are you with Jesus on the cross with sins paid for and forgiveness offered, are you at the tomb with Jesus body locked away so that life can continue as normal, or are you with him in the garden appearing to Mary and many others offering a new and refreshed relationship with God, a new start in our life with Christ and a part in his kingdom here on earth?

During May and June this year we move further forward in our discipleship as we examine the impact of Christ’s ascension into heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit on all believers in Christ as God’s son.

The ascension brings us a new vision of God glorifying his son Jesus Christ and bringing him into the place where the Father resides, a heavenly place, so that he can intercede for us whilst we become empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. This Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit works powerfully in our lives to enable us to bring God’s vision for where we are at St David’s to fruition. We tap into this resource through prayer! What a privilege we have!

During 2016 our Parochial Church Council have been working to discern God’s continuing vision for St David’s and we have presented our results to our Annual Meeting on 26th April. Our discernment process has been one of prayer and then looking at where we are on our current vision, and dreaming dreams for the future rooted in ‘Growing in Christ and Living in Faith’. We have prioritised these dreams and we have looked at how important they are to our continued growth in Christ and our lives lived in faith. Our priorities have been revealed to us as:

Deepening our Prayer life, embracing all we do now but extending out to a ministry of wholeness and healing, retreats and quiet days.

Improving our whole welcoming, not just at the church door but throughout our church life and our Worship.

Developing our young people’s ministry to build on all we do with Primary School children and extend out to teenage ministry.

Deepen and grow home groups, recognising that much of our faith and discipleship develop in home groups and we want to encourage more groups, develop leaders and build a mutually supportive environment for leaders.

Launching regular Alpha courses to supplement the seeker course we currently have and provide a place where those who wish can grow in their faith.

Launch a Parent and Toddler Church in a similar way to our After School Church, so that young families with babies and toddlers can connect with faith in a comfortable environment.

Open Church providing an accessible place of prayer for our community and access to refreshments.

Improve our audio and visual systems in Church to enable us to use the many different resources and teaching materials in our services.

Review and improve our communications to our congregation and our community, building upon the wonderful work that already happens today from notice boards, newsletter and magazine to web site.

To develop follow-up teams for Baptism families and wedding couples.

To continue to improve and maintain our halls, offering the facilities to Church and community.

To improve the internal church building to better facilitate our worship.

These new priorities build upon everything we are currently doing as a church and our Parochial Church Council is looking at a new organisation and teams to enable these areas to come to fruition. In due course we will announce how we launch these activities into church life.

After Jesus’ ascension, Luke writes that the disciples worshipped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and I think that this is where we are at St David’s, excited by God working amongst us and the possibilities ahead!.

New Life, New Vision

Reverend Andrew Rhoades