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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

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‘A Season of Opportunity’

If I were the young, good looking curate in some crime thriller or Agatha Christie detective novel, right now I would be sitting on the terrace in my deck chair, with a tall glass of something cool on the side table, and the garden would echo with the chatter of young people playing croquet on the beautifully manicured lawn. In the background would be heard the sounds of the church organ, as the organist practices ready for tomorrow’s services, and the sound of willow being applied to leather travels on the breeze across from the village green, as the locals enjoy a friendly game of cricket. Suddenly and without warning a loud bang would be heard. What was it, a car back firing or the sound of a gunshot? The sudden piercing scream of a young woman would suggest the latter…

But enough of this revelry, it’s back to reality for me. As I write this article I can hear, see and imagine the signs of a 21st century British summer all around me. On my TV I could watch: Test Match cricket, tennis from Wimbledon or the Tour de France. Outside my study window I can hear the sounds of Summer: children playing in a garden close by and someone mowing their lawn. I can also tell there is a barbecue close by, as the smells of sizzling burgers, sausages and steaks waft past my window. However, the schools have yet to break up for the holidays and the St. David’s Summer Fair is still a month away.

I tend not to be someone who wishes their life away by always thinking about the future, but instead I try to concentrate on the present and enjoy what is happening here and now. I have also long recognised that planning for the future is important and that this often includes publicising your plans so that others can plan too.

So, as we look forward to the end of summer (I know, I’m sorry) and the year turns towards autumn, for many of us our thoughts turn to doing something new, a new hobby or a new interest. It is almost as if the warmth and rest we have enjoyed over the summer enthuses us to look for something new or different.

At St. David’s we are able to offer this to you, as we move into autumn, with plenty on offer in Sunday services. September and October are our mission months once more, during which we seek to create opportunities when we can all consider inviting our family, friends and neighbours to join us.

Opportunities to do this will include:

I would encourage you to use the time between now and September to be thinking and praying about how you might use these opportunities and who you will invite.

Fortunately, this is real life and not a work of fiction or imagination, and the work of God continues in season and out of season. Our job is to look out for the signs of the Spirit and make our own contribution. Amen.

Message for August 2017

Reverend Neil Griffiths - July 2017