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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

01530 834210

Hall Bookings 01530 451776

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This Week’s Diary

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Morning Prayer this week will be held on Monday - Thursday at 9.00am in the Lady Chapel.   

Monday 20th
 10.15am Open the Book, Warren Hills
 1.20pm Open the Book, Br. Leys KS2
 3.45pm Personal Challenges curriculum,   Castle Rock
 7.30pm Explorers’ home group, 40 Oakham Drive   
 7.30pm Painting Club, large hall

Tuesday 21st
 2.30pm (-6.30pm) trypraying drop-in
 2.30pm (-6.30pm) Church office, vestry
 4.30pm Rota meeting, choir vestry
 8.00pm Badminton, large hall

Wednesday 22nd
3.30pm After School Church - Luke
  24 : 35-53  Jesus’ Appearance & Ascension.

 7.00pm PCC Meeting, Green Room

 Thursday 23rd
 10.00am Holy Communion
 12.30pm Lunchtime Club, Castle Rock
 - - -  No church office today  
 2.00pm Rehearsal for Open the Book
 2.30pm (-6.30pm) trypraying drop-in
 3.30pm Y-Café, small hall
 6.30pm Church Lads’ & Church Girls’ Brigade, large hall
 7.30pm Mixed Bag home group

Friday 24th
7.00pm Choir practice